How to use?

Works with plastic containers. The SiphonDaddy is not compatible with ridged steel containers.

Position your fuel container above your boat, ATV, or tractor’s fuel filler.

Step 1.

  • Buy gas

Pro tips - Start with a full can of gas.

 Buy gas :(

Step 2.

  • Position the gas can above the tank you are filling.
  • Insert the SiphonDaddy into your gas can, ensuring the plug makes a solid seal with the can
Insert SiphonDaddy into your can.
    Step 3.
    • Insert the other end of the SiphonDaddy into your Boat, ATV, or Golf cart fuel tank. (Positioned below your gas can)
    Insert SiphonDaddy into your fuel tank.

      Step 4.

      • Gently squeeze the sides of your gas can. Continue to squeeze the container until fuel fills the hose partway down the side of the can. Once fuel begins to flow, slowly release the side of your fuel can. 

      Pro tips - You will hear air rushing into the vent on the side of the SiphonDaddy. For a faster flow slightly remove the SiphonDaddy sealing plug from your gas can, allowing more air to enter the can.

      Gently squeeze the fuel can.

      Step 5.

      • Monitor the flow for safety!
      • If the fuel tank becomes full remove the SiphonDaddy from the gas can, to stop the flow.
      Monitor for safety

        Pro tips - As the can empties tilt the can so the remaining fuel gathers to one side enabling the SiphonDaddy to draw all the fuel out.

        Tilt can

        Step 6.

        • Play!
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