The SiphonDaddy is proud to be a raffle sponsor of ABC Eastern Regionals

The SiphonDaddy is proud to be a raffle sponsor of ABC Eastern Regionals at the Prompton Dam in Prompton, PA on July 23, 2022. The SiphonDaddy is all about getting fuel into your boat quickly and easily without the mess.

The SiphonDaddy grew out of a personal need to fuel our boat quickly, effortlessly, and without dripping or spilling gas into the lake. Let’s face it, filling the boat is a pain!

Due to government regulations, the 5-gallon fuel can manufacturers have made the process of filling your boat even more challenging with a lot of gas spilled into the lake and onto the boat and hands. In a quest to find a solution we tried various products, but they were no less difficult. Either the cans were too heavy to transport, transfer speeds were slow, or systems were unreliable for a novice. We needed a device that my 12-year-old kids could use safely and reliably.

As a result, our family designed a siphon device that requires no jiggling, pumping, or batteries. You simply insert the SiphonDaddy into your fuel can and boat and give the fuel can a squeeze! In under a minute you will empty a 5-gallon can.


We made a few prototypes for friends to try, and the SiphonDaddy was quickly passed to their friends and people began to ask where they could purchase one. We confirmed this was a problem worth fixing and decided to launch the SiphonDaddy product.

One of our guiding principles was to source everything from American companies, even if it drove up the cost. Over the next year, we worked with a tubing manufacturer in upstate New York, a molding company in New Jersey, and other companies in Tennessee, Massachusetts, and South Carolina, ensuring we released the highest all-around performing product.

For more information or to purchase a SiphonDaddy please visit us at

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